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Consultations are available both online and in person. They are available as stand alone appointments or for those dedicated to kickstarting their health journey there is a triple consult package. What to expect?

Initial Consultation
Follow-up Consultation

During the initial consultation we take an in-depth look at your current health concerns, current functioning of each body system, nutritional assessment, physical examination and iridology.


An individualised treatment plan will be developed utilising natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice. If you have any recent test results please bring these with you.

Initial Consultations go for 60-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the case.

The consultation is $150, this does not include products (supplements and herbal medicine), these will come at an additional cost. 

In a follow up consultation we review the progress of your treatment plan and discuss any relevant test results.


If required, we make further dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and adjustments to your current treatment plan. 


This consultation goes for up to 30 mins and is $70

*not for new clients - must have had an initial consultation 

Follow-up Consultation

This consultation goes for 30-60 mins and is appropriate when an extended discussion is required. Also a good option when looking at new presenting complaints or for exploring new goals.

Extended follow ups are $100

*not for new clients - must have had an initial consultation

Triple Consultation Package

The ideal package for someone wanting to kickstart their health journey & especially great for those with long standing health issues.

The package includes 1 x initial consultation and 2 x follow up consultations. 

Payment options:

Pay online when you book $260

Pay in person at your first consultation $260

Pay online over 3 weekly payments of $88 ($264)