Detox Packages

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feel clearer
reduce inflammation
loose weight
have more energy

Feel clearer, reduce inflammation, have more energy, kick start weight loss.. sounds good right? Doing a detox is a great way to give back to your body, what ever the motivation behind it. I like to detox once or twice a year, generally before and/or after a period of over-indulgence. Having come out of the fun dry season up here in Darwin and in preparation for Christmas, now is the perfect time for a detox. Activate and optimise your body's detox pathways over a 4 week detox plan. Your body will rid itself of toxic build up and can have you feeling and looking fresher and clearer just in time for Christmas and New Years! 

Detox - when & why

Toxins can come from both your external environment and internal environment. Depending on your level of exposure to toxins and your individual capacity to detox efficiently, it may be beneficial to do a detox once or twice a year. 



Do you experience any of the following symptoms?


  • Recurrent headaches 

  • Sensitivity to perfumes & other environmental chemicals 

  • Feeling foggy headed or forgetful 

  • Digestive issues –bloating, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea 

  • Mood swings 

  • Hormonal issues- PMS, painful periods 

  • Feeling weak and achy 

  • Skin breakouts 

  • Frequent infections


If you said yes to one or more of those symptoms, your body may be in need of a detox!

Some good times to detox are:

  • After a period of over-indulging – post travel adventures or festival season

  • Before a period of over-indulgence - so you can feast on all the goods without feeling crappy for it 

  • In preparation for starting a family (for both mum and dad).  


So what’s involved in a detox?

The main organs and body systems targeted in a detox are the liver, digestive tract, kidney’s and lymphatic system. During a detox you will be given the tools and supplements you need to support and nourish all these body systems and organs.


There will be dietary guidelines to follow, focusing on the inclusion of lots of whole fresh foods and the avoidance of certain things like processed foods, alcohol and coffee.  Water is key, at least two litres a day. Giving the body lots of nutrients, fibre and hydration to get the digestive system eliminating well. 

What's included in the package?

As detox packages are personalised the price range varies from about $270 (basic) - $500 (comprehensive)

This will include a minimum of 2 consultations and core practitioner only supplements for detoxification.


To get started..                                to book your initial consultation!